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Have you ever thought, "I'd like to have my own website" - but you are not quite sure how to go about it? How do you like the look and feel of these pages? KG Web Services can take your requirements and build you your very own website. If you are already signed up with an ISP (Internet Service Provider) then we can upload your newly designed Website to that ISP. Alternatively, we can arrange web hosting services for you.

A basic website can be provided with a minimum of up to 4 individual pages. Thereafter you pay for each additional page that you require - but exactly how many you need is dependent only on your desired content. And, of course, you have full control of the look and feel of the design - you agree the layout, the colours, the backgrounds and the content - whether it be simple dialogue, or interactive pages complete with images and sounds.

Pricing has been kept as simple as possible - all prices are quoted exclusive of VAT so for a basic website with up to four pages, you pay a one-off fee of £340. This fee includes a initial two hour briefing meeting and the demonstration of the completed design, though any requirement for additional review meetings will be charged at £50/hour. Each additional page you require will be an extra £60 - however, page "length" is only based on aesthetic requirements.

In addition to the initial design, KG Web Services can provide on-going maintenance. This is done by means of a twelve month contract for the very realistic fee of only £30/month payable annually in advance. It should be noted that the contract only covers maintenance and minor changes - however, any client with a valid, paid up maintenance contract will have to pay only £50 for each new, additional page added to the website.

Want to know more - then contact KG Enterprises using a "Subject Line" of "WEB SERVICES". If you require web hosting in addition to the initial web design then we can arrange and manage this for you, but it will be subject to additional charges.

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