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(Last updated 4 July 2016)

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The following pages are drawn from a MS PowerPoint presentation and show the style of logistics services and supply chain management provided by KG Enterprises (Surrey) Limited. The pages are ideally shown as part of an interactive presentation given by KG Enterprises (Surrey) Limited. We would be only too happy to visit you, take you through the presentation and discuss with you how we could be of help. Please get in touch by email or phone.

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If you prefer to use Microsoft's Powerpoint (Office 2007+) for viewing, download KGE Presentation.pptx. Alternatively, the file is also available as an Adobe pdf - to download, right-click here> KGE Presentation.pdf. and select 'Save Target As...' (IE); 'Save Link as...' (FF, Chrome); 'Save Linked Content as...' or 'Save to Download Folder' (Opera); 'Download Linked File' (Safari).

Finally, if you'd prefer a simpler view of the presentation detail, simply go to the text based version here!

Author: Don Edmondson


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