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KG Enterprises (Surrey) Ltd is being Wound Up...

Please be advised that KG Enterprises (Surrey) Limited officially ceased trading on 31 March 2017 and has now been struck off by Companies House. Official status is now Dissolved on 12 September 2017. We have de-registered for Value Added Tax and are no longer recognised by HMRC as an employer and have no PAYE account - so, unless you have a very, very interesting proposal we will be taking on no further assignments, projects or contracts.

The website and all content will remain in place for the forseeable future - but this is only for archival reasons (and personal pride!)

Moreover, I will continue to use the mail server and all current email addresses will continue to work and will continue to be monitored. If you would really like to contact us then you can use the and email addresses.

To any and all with whom I have had any kind of business relationship in the last sixteen years I would like to say Thank You and it was good to work with you! You all helped make it an interesting and enjoyable time!

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KG Enterprises

So, who are, or rather, what is, KG Enterprises...

Operating through partner organisations, KG Enterprises provides logistics consultancy and management services. These services are provided principally, but not exclusively, to the "high-tech" industry. A very major differentiator is that the company focus is more on implementation than on pure consultancy. This means that, rather than simply advising you on what might be required - and then walking away to leave you to struggle with the implementation, we are only too happy to work with you on the implementation of any and all recommendations.

The "partner organisations" referred to above are essentially to allow us to present you with a consortium of broad-based skills, expertise and experience. In this regard the principal partner organisation is Real Time Logistics Limited. By working together, KG Enterprises and RTL Limited provide you with a vast range of expertise in logistics and support services management. If you operate in the high tech market place, and you have a requirement to review or revise your logistics or support services operations then there would probably be no organisation better placed with whom to discuss your requirements.

Recent activities undertaken by KG Enterprises with RTL Limited have included warehouse relocation, logistics outsourcing and repair operation reviews. Other areas of activity include the provision of logistics administration operations and the sourcing and recruitment of logistics management personnel. KG Enterprises has recently completed the in-sourcing, integration, restructuring and development of a repair centre which repairs product for the retail sector; a review of repair centre operations for a third party service provider in the aeronautics and network sectors; and support for network deployment planning for a global network and search company.

If you would like to have a chat about your requirements, or would like additional information feel free to contact...

KG Enterprises: Don Edmondson

However, KG Enterprises does not operate exclusively in the consultancy and logistics management arena. To see other services provided by KG Enterprises please use the Menu Bar on the left or use the page footer buttons or links.

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